The Cure
by John Lynch, Bruce McNicol, and Bill Thrall

Walking down the road of life, you arrive at a fork in the road. The sign says that to the left is the way of pleasing God. To the right, the way of trusting God. Can’t I have both? you think.

What if God isn’t who you think He is…and neither are you?

Is the formula for godliness, “More right behavior + Less wrong behavior = Godliness?”

Is your sin a massive pile that stands in between you and God? Do you feel that you must first clean up your life before you can have a relationship with God? Could it be possible that Jesus doesn’t wait on the other side of the sin pile? but instead comes around to your side and says, “Let’s work on this together”?

As I read this book I discovered truths that change the way I view God. When we embrace the above template for godliness we disregard the righteousness that God already placed in us. The reality is, “We can never resolve sin in our life by working on it.”