It was time for sleep.

Alas one cricket had other ideas. His time clock for sleeping was not synchronized with mine. No, not at all.

I waved my light around peering for him. No sign.

I tried headphones. Drowning him out more or less for a half hour. Surely he will quit. No such thing.

Oh blessed silence made for deep slumber, where hast thou gone?

The search.

Lights on. No more little phone flashlight. All seriousness now. Looking all around. Listening. Sound bounces off the walls. Ahh. I was sure I had discovered his location. I marched outside with a light and a broom, hoping to spot him on my wall.


Back inside. Add Raid. Sweet smelling victory spray, ya know.

Listening. Surely he was in the corner here. Pulled aside the bed. There he was. You are doomed fella. With a flip flop in one hand and the can of Raid in the other I made my approach.

It’s hard to swing accurately with the left hand while lying in bed at a small target in a corner with little room to swing.

But I think I managed to wound him. He shut up at least.

However, better go for complete eradication. Move the bed more. Couple suitcases. Bingo. Raid.

Chuckle to myself as be flops on his back his legs kicking in the air. One accurate left-handed shot with the flip flop ends his song for good.

The sweet smell of victory in the air as I drift off to sleep…