Get this book and read it. Why? Because it can transform the way you lead people. Joel speaks openly and honestly about want it means to lead people with love. Right now you can get the kindle version from Amazon for only 3.79.

From the book:

“By actively using the seven principles of leading with love — to be patient, kind, trustful, unselfish, truthful, forgiving, and dedicated — we are ensuring our business is resilient and profitable and our employees motivated and loyal.”

“It’s a way to lead that grows the bottom line and respects employees, a way to lead that demands accountability and gives second chances. In short, it’s a powerful way to transform the way you lead and the culture of your organization.”

“Treating someone with love regardless of how you feel about that person is a very powerful principle.”

“Agape love is a leadership principle that holds leaders accountable and helps any organization become healthier and more enthusiastic.”

“One of the best ways a leader can demonstrate trust and respect is to listen to and involve team members in the decisions that affect them.”

Get your highlighters ready. This book is full of truth. Truth that will help the people your business, organization, or church be more motivated and loyal.