What is success?

How do we determine if a church is successful? Or a mission? What about an evangelist crusade?

Don’t we usually look at the size of the church? Or the number of people being reached for the Lord by a mission? Or how many people respond to the invitation?

But what about Noah. Doesn’t that make him a failure? That guy preached for 120 years while building a massive boat. How many people responded to his message? Or how about Isaiah? God sent him to a people that had hard hearts. God even told Isaiah that they would not respond to his message. What were Isaiah’s odds for “success”? John the Baptist wasn’t even around to see the ministry he prepared the way for.

Failures? Not by Gods measure of success.

These people were faithful to God. Followed in obedience to His leading. To His commands.

So lets focus on being faithful and obedient, and stop worrying about whether or not we appear successful to others.