Back to El Salvador. Time flies.

When referring to my return to El Salvador, there were three things I liked to mention. A land of flip-flops, lots of coke, and cheap data plans. Thats doesn’t adequately describe it, but it was three fun things to throw out there. But cross out cheap data plans. That changed unfortunately.

But back to the intention of the post. To inform you that I, Matthias Beachy, am now in El Salvador. Seems like it was a while since my departure from here in early November 2012. Winter in the states flew by. I worked at Carlisle Printing for seven weeks. Totally enjoyed it. Then was at Calvary Bible School at tech guy and clarion editor. Also for seven weeks. Many good times during my “summer vacation.” Family. Sister’s wedding. Singing. Friends. So on.

I feel that I am in the right place. Teaching school. I have three deaf students. [I’ll introduce you to them later.] We have fun, learning together. I’m excited about the school year. Wanting to bring out the potential in each of my students. Your prayers on my behalf for wisdom, patience, and growth are certainly needed and appreciated.

Oh, and the reason I titled this post, “Rats” is cause its catchy and cause tonight I played the longest game of Rats ever. Like a whole hour on one game! Maybe it’s too early to say thats long cause I learned how to play like a whole week ago. Thanks Markus and Micah for teaching me to play and giving a game for here. The kids love rats! The game that is.