Beware folks. To read on may invoke fear. Be warned.

The setting is the breakfast table. Now you would think that a peaceful atmosphere such as this would not be easily disrupted. However, as I was about to take a bit of eggs, a scream pierced the air.

The source: Beatriz. The little deaf girl across the table. At the exact same moment, Wesley leaps off his chair saying something about a rat. A rat? No one saw anything, except Beatriz. “But yes, a rat,” said Wesley, “just ran into my leg.”

Down here they call all small creatures rats. There is no word for mouse. I was imaging a small mouse creature. Scary, but not, ya know, anything too terrible.

After breakfast, Veronica decides to try to find this rat. She sees it in the pantry escaping into the bottom of the freezer. Carlos shines a light in the hole, but fails to see it. By the way, a few days before, Veronica killed a small rat with her hand…without screaming mind you. Just saying.

So, thinking the action was over, I headed out to school.

Soon Carlos came out. Triumphantly carrying….

…not the small mouse creature I had in mind.

So I find out. He killed it in my room! In my room!

Apparently, the rat left the shelter of the freezer and sought refuge under my bed. Thankfully, Carlos was able to kill it by holding it in place with a stick and poking a nail into its head.

I went to survey the damage to the room. Yup, it was true. The bed was slightly out of position. Small blood spots here and there. Even a tail piece on the headboard of my bed. Thanks Veronica.

Don’t worry folks, this is not common occurrence. Should you happen to swing by El Salvador to see me, this is highly unlikely to happen.