Never know what will happen or who will show up.

This morning I was awakened to a loud noise. My first thought went to a brush hog. But a brush hog in El Salvador? I think not.

Cautiously I peered out the window. I could see several men walking around. One of them carrying a blower-like machine from which was emitting the loud noise.

After a bit, I heard the sound coming closer. I looked out again. Then left the room to talk with Margretta. She said last year some guys had come around like this to help with killing insects and things.

The men were wanting to come and do it in the house. However Natas were not there and we weren’t in the mood to let them in.

Upon returning to my room, or should I say trying to…it was filled with a white smoke-like substance. So thick I could not see. Apparently the guys had taken the liberty to blow their stuff in through the open windows. Yikes. I ventured in, trying not to breathe, to rescue my computer.

The stuff kinda hung around in there so after a few minutes, I put our fans to use and blew that jazz right outta there. I was a bit annoyed at not being able to enter my room at will. But perhaps the bugs will flee to other sections of the house. That would be a nice plus.

What surprise did your week contain?