I have mentioned a few names throughout various post…Meet these people. The people I live with.

Wesley Mast

Meet Wesley Mast. This is his third year working at the deaf school. He teaches the oldest students. He is also the principal. Whenever Nata is gone, Wesley is in charge. Wesley does a great job relating to the deaf children. Understanding them. Wesley is my fellow coke drinker. We try not to go overboard, but on a hot afternoon, it’s hard to pass up a cold coke.

Margretta Beachy

Meet my sister, Margretta. This year is her second year at the deaf school. She teaches the younger students in school. She does very well at maintaining order in her classroom, while making it a fun time for all. Chances of her going back next year are slim. (Don’t worry too much Tim, Joel is only six years old)

Meet Mari Eva Pacheco. Mari has been teaching at the deaf school for four years now. She has four students, three boys and one girl. Mari is quite creative in her teaching. Coming up with ways to keep her students engaged in their studies. Margretta and Mari are rather a crazy combination.

Meet Rosanna Brenneman. Her job includes domestic work and being dorm mom. She does lots of cleaning and laundry. She also gets to practice her disciplinary skills. Perhaps this is the cause of the ever present coffee cup.

Meet Kristi Byler. Kristi’s job is cook. Whether it’s a meal for the whole school at lunch, or breakfast or supper for the staff, Kristi always has lots of good food ready for us at mealtime.

Meet Veronica. She is the cooks helper. Veronica is deaf and was previously a student here at school. Kristi is teaching her to cook a variety of things. While Kristi was in Antigua studying spanish, Veronica did the cooking. Her memory is pretty amazing. She made lots of different foods including peanut butter pie, which she had watched Kristi make once before.

That’s us! We have many good times. Whether it be sitting around discussing new ways to discipline, teaching the proper way to drink a coke, or just hanging out.