notes from the Sunday morning sermon

A church is losing out if it is not reaching out.

A church needs to have more than just gates and safeguards. More than just a defense. Jesus says that we can prevail over the gates of hell. This is not a defensive maneuver. This is offensive. The church should be on the offense. While we need defense, we become stagnant without an offense.

A soccer team that only plays defense rarely wins.

On the Oregon trail people traveled in wagon trains. When attack threatened, the formed a circle of defense. But always staying in this circle of protection, hindered them from moving forward. In order to make progress in their trip, they had to leave the safety the circle afforded and move ahead. They made themselves more vulnerable, but it was necessary to make progress. We as the church need to leave the circle of protection and make ourselves vulnerable to make progress. It is scary to go out and speak the gospel. But God has called us to spread His word. He promises to be with us. He promises that the gates of hell will not prevail against us.

Let us rise up! Shed our fear! Trust God and His promises and boldly move forward. A difference can be made.