The following was written by my fellow coworker, Wesley. You can check out his blog here

I very much agree with his sentiments.


“Amazing Excuses’

Living and working with children I have been amazed at the intelligent excuses that they can come up with. Usually involves trying to slip out of work but sometimes there are excuses made so they don’t have to do what they are told. It took me a while to catch on to all the tricks as this is all something very new to me.

When its time to work the first place you go to find your boys is the Baño! Yup, about 75% of the time you will find the bathroom occupied and at times up to 45 minutes. Coincidence? I think not.

It’s time to wash dishes and for some reason the dishwasher isn’t around and I have no idea where he is at. Sorry, I lied. The matter of the fact is I could bet money on where the dishwasher has gone.

The other night a little boy was drying the dishes that I had just washed. He starts complaining about not feeling well. Looking a little sick in the eyes I told him to go take his shower and go to bed. After about an hour in the bathroom he comes out as happy as a lark. Of course the dishes where finished by now and it was bedtime.

One day I was informed that the mower was overheating after only a few minutes of mowing. Interesting how it must have cooled off after I told him to keep mowing.

Homework becomes very important when it’s time to mow the lawn but is soon forgotten when the work is done.

One night we found a little boy still not in bed a good hour and half after he was supposed to be. The reason being that his clean sheets that we’re laying on the bed had not been put on yet. I have seen this little boy put sheets on his bed more than a dozen times and seen him sleep with out sheets more times than that. We as a staff had been playing volley ball just outside his bedroom were he has gotten my attention many times over other small things. Someone just didn’t want to go to bed.

Back rubs and foot rubs are readily given when it’s time to shower and go to bed.

My intelligence was underestimated one time when a plate of food was dropped intentionally so that it wouldn’t have to be eaten.

I have seen watches turned back so that they could be late and yet on time. To bad the little boy didn’t know I set my watch to the exact same time as my cell phone.

One day white sneakers wanted to be worn to church instead of black dress shoes. He quickly tried to inform me that his father had told him that the black dress shoes where only to be used for school. The next afternoon after school a little boy was out side playing soccer with….. Yup! you guessed it, black dress shoes.

There are many more excuse situations that could be written here but I hope this can give you a bit of an idea of what my days consist of taking care of Carlos and Kevin. There is one thing that I have never told them and that is that I was a professional excuse maker back in my prime and I can only imagine its something that my parents never told me or my grandparents to them and so on and so on. In other words I think we have all made our share of excuses and not only as a child either.

Excuses can sometimes be gotten a way with in this world but they will not get you to heaven.

“Since there are no excuses on the day of judgement, then why make them today”