The last while…


That describes it. A good different. A fun different. An interesting different.

The primary cause of all these differences was the wedding of Caleb and Sandra. A little over a week ago, people started arriving. Visitors are great. Visitors are welcome. Yet, visitors make things different.

These first visitors were cousins and an aunt of Wesley. (post coming later with an intro to the staff) Wesley spent time with them. They were nice to have around. Kindly taking photos of us staff with all the school children. They all left Thursday to help get ready for the wedding.

On Tuesday, Eric Beachy arrived. He was on his way home from Paraguay and stopped in for the wedding. Highlights included: visiting the children’s home and sort of getting the wrong bus on the way back. The staff being treated to Pizza Hut. Drinking terere on a packed bus. Many good times.

Friday evening, some friends came from Belize. We had a nice time hanging out. It was an interesting time finding a ride for all of us to the wedding. Somehow we managed. Saturday evening, we went out for some papusas and then had a grand time playing vball. Early Sunday morning, the Belize friends left.

Sunday, many people came to see the deaf school. Wesley’s dad’s family had worked here years ago when this place was an orphanage. They all wanted to visit here. Wesley’s family and cousins, aunts and uncles all came over for supper. Lots of people. Someone asked where all the deaf children were. Before I could respond saying that they go home on weekends, someone else popped out, “We called them for supper, but they didn’t hear us!”

Today, school again. Things are calming down. Tomorrow Eric leaves. The last of the visitors. Wesley will be back on Thursday. It will be nice to have things more normal again. Visitors bring changes to schedules and fill up vehicles. But visitors also bring many good times and chocolate chips.

Thanks to everyone for the differences.