Tonight it came to a head…

A month ago or so, randomly, out of the blue, Rosanna threw some water at me. Not much, but enough to soak the sleeve of my nice brown shirt. I was shocked at this act of unkindness. Too shocked to retaliate.

Then tonight, as I was fixing my plate at supper time, she plops a tomato slice on my plate. How disgusting. What an act of unkindness.

After supper, I kindly washed the dishes. Shortly after this humble act of servanthood, Rosanna and Mari were conspiring against me. They were planning evil ways that they could tell the unsuspecting cook to serve me bananas and such like. How despicable. What an act of unkindness. Ungratefulness too. I had just got done washing the dishes. A humble act of servanthood.

This disrespect was too much. I kindly chided Rosanna for thinking such thoughts by tossing a minute amount of water at her. However, she reacted quickly. Perhaps I should have noticed that she was filling jugs with water when I dealt out this correction.

The next scene was Rosanna wildly dashing after a fleeing figure. She was lugging a jug of water. The pursued was able to run a bit faster. And the pursuer ran into a trap.

I was able to shut and lock the entrances of the house. Now Rosanna and her jug of water were shut out in the night. I came toward the door, pretending that I was going to let her in. No such thing. I threw more water at her. Another warning to her to stop all such activities. Unfortunately, most of the water failed to reach the intended target.

Mari later let Rosanna back inside. I nicely resided in my room. Allowing the tensions to cool down. Knowing that someone had to be a peacemaker.

I ventured back out later on. Mari and Rosanna appeared to be peacefully seated around the table, diligently typing emails to family. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Rosanna had a glass of water within reach. Apparently she was not learning the lessons she needed to learn.

A bit later, I took my laundry out. Tomorrow was wash day, and perhaps Rosanna would like to get an early start. As I headed to the laundry room, it occurred to me that it would be a good time for Rosanna to block my escape routes and douse me with water. She must have thought of it as well and proceeded to do precisely that. I misguessed her talent of throwing water accurately and paid for it with a soaked shirt. I proceeded to add the shirt to the pile of laundry.

I did not retaliate immediately. No, let her worry and stress. She apologized. Perhaps she thought she went overboard. I did not reply. I spent the next minutes using my creative skills to think of many ways to teach her not to repay humble acts of servanthood with acts of unkindness. A way that would certainly teach Rosanna that such things are not to be. Such acts of unkindness must not go unpunished.

A half an hour passed.

Rosanna continued to type away. By keen observation, I discovered that she had her back to the refrigerator. I nonchalantly meandered over to the fridge to fill my water bottle. I expected her to be on alert. However, she must have thought things were all honky dory. But, no. Those who do acts of unkindness must be taught. Must be taught that humble acts of servanthood should not be met with unkindness.

She was totally unsuspecting. I got the jug of water that she had filled from the fridge. Instead of filling my water bottle, I proceeded to dump water down her back. It took a bit for it to soak in what was going on. But she soon understood that she was being punished for her act of unkindness. To my dismay, she did not take the punishment and learn from it like a good girl. No, she attempted to grab the jug and douse me. No such thing. In my foresight. I had kept the lid handy and screwed it back on in the nick of time.

As luck would have it, there was a glass of water on the table. She grabbed it and threw it in my direction. Again her talent of throwing water accurately came through. Another shirt doused with water. Though not much. Since she was not learning, I decided the best course of action was to open the jug and continue pouring. Persistence is a key, I have been taught. So she was thoroughly soaked. I was mildly wet. Hopefully she has been taught a valuable lesson about how wrong it is to respond to humble acts of servanthood with acts of unkindness.

Oh, and she had to mop up the floor.