Subconciously you added my in front of money. No?


I have. I do.


Reading today in a book called Charting a Course in Your Youth by Gary Miller. Ever heard of the word stewardship? Know what it means? You can probably even explain it. Me too. Stewardship is a recognition that “yours” is “His”. And that you are the manager. As Gary put it, he was on a mission trip for an organization. His expenses were paid. He just needed to keep track and turn in a bill upon arriving home. During his time in traveling, he thought much about what he was spending his money on. Would the mission stay at this hotel? He pictured turning in the cost and getting a call asking why he was not more frugal. He felt the responsibility of wisely spending other’s resources.

See the connection? Why doesn’t the responsibility of spending wisely God’s resources weigh on me more heavily. What do I consider before I purchase? Do I think of giving account? Or am I solely influenced by the way our society views money. The way they spend money. Their money. My money.

Oh, and if that doesn’t hurt. This applies to time too.