First of all, when Margretta and I arrived here on Saturday, we find out that school is not starting until Monday in a week. So we have an entire week to unpack and get ready for school. Then we discover that there are going to be two new students, both boys, ages four and five. Because of these new students the school was planning to find another teacher. Of course, it was unlikely that they would find one that could be here in a week. So…they asked me to teach!

I was shocked. Me? teach? really? Like, umm, I am learning Spanish and only know a little bit of sign language. Ummm…yeah, I guess I could teach. Umm, but could I actually though?

Oh, yes. They tell me. You could learn with the two boys that you would teach. They know nothing. You know more than them. You could teach and learn with them.

And so…I plan to begin teaching this Monday. The dorm dad responsibilities and the maintenance work that I was going to do will be split between Wesley, Nata, and myself. It feels a bit scary. How do you teach someone something, when they know nothing. And they can’t hear. It’ll be interesting. I think I am looking forward to the challenge. The year will turn out much different than I ever dreamed. I ask for your prayers in this venture.

Blessings to all and may your lives contain many surprises, whether pleasant or otherwise.