Spanish. So much to learn. Antigua, Guatemala is filled with many sights and sounds. I arrive at school. I jump right into learning. I am glad that there are other mennonites at the same school.

Every morning there is school from eight to twelve. Again, in the afternoon, study from two to four. I live just up the road from the school en la casa de Jose y Esperanza. Every day contains new foods at their house. Many would know of my lack of desire for many types of food. So, many should be impressed at the courage i display trying many new foods.

Week one of Spanish school flies by. I meet new friends. I go to coffee shops to call home. I explore Antigua. I try new roads every day. On Sunday, my new friends and I go to Joseph and Anita’s apartment for a church service. On the way we stop to observe a dad and his boys playing music. Joseph and Anita are a married couple who are studying Spanish prior to heading to Mexico. We enjoy singing together. It feels like family. It feels like home.Image

After a delicious meal of American food, we decide to sing in the Central Park. Though singing in English is not ideal. It is a lot of fun. We study in the park after singing. I am told that my shoes are dirty. Of course, the reason the boy tells me this is because he would like to shine them. I decide that yes, they are dirty.


Week two goes past rapidly as well. I enjoy playing ping pong at break at school. On Saturday, I climb Pacaya with other students. Pacaya is an active volcano which erupted two years ago. Unfortunately, there is not flowing lava to behold. However, we do enjoy roasting marshmellows over a hot spot close to the top.

Week three my mind is filling up with spanish. My teacher says that I am sleeping too much. She suggests that I sleep only five hours per night. I find this very amusing as my teachers in the states always encouraged getting lots of sleep. Friday, I work hard to concentrate. I am very much looking forward to the end of class. The end of class arrives, and immediately l leave for the city via bus with Rhoda. Rhoda is heading to El Salvador the next day. I am going to the city because my sister is arriving.

The next day, my sister and I head back to Antigua. We explore town, eat out, and enjoy talking about life. My fourth week of school flies by. I feel ready to go practice what I have been studying. In total, I have spent one hundred twelve hours in class. Plus many hours of homework.

On Saturday, my sister and I head to El Salvador ready to start school on Monday. Upon arriving, we discover that school has been postponed a week due to the lack of a cook for the school. There are other factors that delay school as well, but, of course, eating is essential. School will start Monday even if no cook arrives by then. We will all have to work a bit extra until one is found.